Carnival of Sa Rua and Sa Rueta in Mallorca
Carnival of Sa Rua and Sa Rueta in Mallorca
Carnival in Palma de Mallorca: Sa Rua and Sa Rueta 2023
Visiting Mallorca is always a great idea, but doing it during Carnival can become a pleasant surprise for many reasons. The island always offers undeniable attractions such as its mild and pleasant climate, which makes it the ideal place to celebrate Carnival.

A carnival warmer on all four sides, because the culture and way of life of the Mallorcans is vibrant and welcoming, with a long tradition of festivals and parties. Making its inhabitants well known for their hospitality and love of nightlife.

Carnival in Mallorca

In addition, you can enjoy its incredible natural beauty, with beautiful beaches, mountains and coastal landscapes that you can enjoy during your stay to make it richer and more varied. As well as tasting its rich and varied gastronomy.

But in addition to all these plans, during the carnival, the island lives a small transformation with multiple parties and events that will excite you. In this explosion of joy you can not miss its colourful "rues", an important part of the celebration.

Enjoy with all five senses

And how could it be otherwise on an island that loves the senses, food and drink are also an important part of the carnival celebration. During this time of the year a wide variety of typical dishes and drinks are enjoyed. Some of the typical dishes that can be found during carnival include "coca de carnaval" or "coca de tallades", a sweet cream-filled cake. And "bunyols", a kind of sweet pastry served during carnival. In addition, it is also common to enjoy drinks such as "herbero", a herbal liqueur used in many of the celebrations.

The tradition of Sa Rua and Sa Rueta

The city of Palma de Mallorca also claims its leading role in these celebrations with Sa Rua and Sa Rueta. Their origin goes back centuries, although the exact date of their beginning is not known with certainty. However, it is known that these traditions have their roots in the medieval festivals that were celebrated in Europe during the Carnival season.

In Sa Rua, participants wear costumes that can be both comical and satirical, and walk through the streets of the city while enjoying music and dancing. This tradition is a way to celebrate joy and excess before the period of abstinence and reflection that is Lent. And it is a celebration more reserved for adults.

Sa Rueta, meanwhile, is a tradition that has become more popular in recent decades, and consists of a parade of children's floats through the streets of the city. The floats are decorated with Carnival-related motifs and usually have musicians and dancers on board who encourage people to participate in the party. A festival that has become the central and most important event for children who enjoy it from start to finish and that brings together dozens of activities such as children's entertainment, popular games, theatre, storytelling, batucada... including the popular Gegants i Capgrossos (Giants and Big-heads) or the Drac de na Coca.

On the island of Mallorca, the carnival season is a time of fun and joy for all who join in the celebration. It brings with it intense colours, live music and a carnival atmosphere that fills the streets of the city with life.


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