The most emblematic peaks of Mallorca
The most emblematic peaks of Mallorca
The island has a very striking mountainous area that delights mountaineering lovers.
The most emblematic peaks of Mallorca

- The island has a very striking mountainous area that delights mountaineering lovers.

- We present four very special routes for your days of active tourism on the Balearic island.

It is true that the vast majority of people when they hear 'Mallorca' think of the beach and partying. Instead, the island also has a very striking mountainous area that delights lovers of mountaineering and routes every year. Do you dare to go hiking with views of the Mediterranean Sea?

Puig de Massanella
Puig de Massanella is the second-highest mountain on the entire island. Its 1,364 metrEs of altitude will be a challenging, but not impossible. There are many ways or routes to reach the top, but the horseshoe curves and film views are a constant wherever you look. It accumulates 1,200 metres of positive slope and its length is 18 kilometres.

The Three Thousands
A very interesting spike combination. This route, one of the most common on the Balearic island, ascends three different peaks: Sa Rateta (1,113 m.), Na Franquesa (1,067 m.) and Puig de l'Ofre (1,090 m.) It is categorized as medium difficulty, and it exceeds 10 kilometres a little, reaching up to 12 kilometres and 600 meters of unevenness.

The Puig des Teix
Another of the routes of medium-high difficulty is carried out in El Puig des Teix. Located in the Tramuntana Mountains, it is a very cobbled path that offers breathtaking views. It borders on 20 kilometres, staying at 18 kilometres, and during its route you will go through a drop of 1,100 meters.

The Castell d'Alaro
The most affordable route on this list, although it will not be very easy for you. If you are a lover of The Lord of the Rings or history in general, you will find a very special addition to the fortress. The panoramic view from the building, 800 metres high, is the ideal background to immortalize the moment with a photograph. In summary, its barely four kilometres and 370 metres of elevation gain will give you a very beautiful day, whether alone, as a couple, with family, or with friends.

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