Gastronomy of Mallorca
Gastronomy of Mallorca
All the traditional gastronomy and typical dishes of Mallorca

Mallorcan in Mallorca is the most varied and delicious. A kitchen that provides its guests with unique and intense flavours, coming from the natural products and ingredients of the island's land and sea.

It is based on fresh products from the island's orchards, the fish that is caught on its shores and the native pork that is raised in Mallorca. A Mediterranean diet with a special touch. If you come to visit the island this summer, you cannot miss out on trying the typical dishes of its traditional gastronomy. Here we list some of them:

1. Coca de Trampó
The Mallorcan coca de Trampó contains red peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, onion, paprika, olive oil and salt. It is usually eaten as a snack or as a starter. Although others also prefer it as a light dinner.

2. Brut Rice
The arròs brut is characterized by being a soupy rice that is prepared in a clay pot with sausages, meat, vegetables, mushrooms and spices. The fact of having so many ingredients is the singular element that gives its name to this dish that you can taste in different restaurants that offer typical gastronomy.

3. Mallorcan suckling pig
An native breed of pig is raised on the island, which is the star ingredient of this dish. Suckling pig is usually cooked at parties and special celebrations. The accompaniment is usually variable, although you will surely find it with potatoes and vegetables.

4. The Tumbet
Tumbet is a traditional dish of Mallorcan gastronomy made with vegetables from the island's orchard. It is cooked with aubergines, potatoes, tomato sauce, garlic, oil and salt. A real delicacy!

5. The Mallorcan Frito
The Mallorcan Frito is one of the oldest recipes on the island. It is lean pork or lamb with potatoes, red peppers, onion, peas, garlic and fennel. Do you dare to try it?

Gastronomy and typical dishes of Mallorca

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